2 Hour Tarot Tutor - Enchanted Gifts by Karen

2 Hour Tarot Tutor

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Information: 286 pages, paperback

They say: For centuries, the Tarot has been regarded as a powerful means of telling fortunes and predicting fates. Consulted by kings, revered by mystics, the Tarot's astounding revelations have inspired awe and evoked wonderment.

Now, you too can learn the techniques and skills to read the Tarot - in just two hours! Using this breakthrough manual, anyone with a desire to discover the secrets of the Tarot can find easy-to-follow instructions that will lead to success in Tarot reading, including:-

  • the Celtic Cross, and Seven Sister spreads
  • spreads to answer those unfathomable love questions
  • sample readings
  • tips and troubleshooting for beginners
  • worksheets
  • interpreting card meanings quickly and much more

Whether you have a profound interest in the supernatural, wish to read cards professionally, or simply want to impress your friends at parties, The 2-hour Tarot Tutor is the first step toward experiencing the mystery, magic, and fun of the Tarot!